Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy still doesn't have a formal privacy policy... However, the following items apply:

  1. does not log your private conversations. This does not however prevent the participants from logging the conversation.
  2. We do not log your private conversations, but we do have certain automated spam filters in place. This only triggers on words or combinations of words that have been spammed before. The singular line that the spam phrase was in will be displayed in the diagnostic channel, and everything in the diagnostic channel is logged.
  3. may log some channels (and many participants may also), but we do not sell this data. We are working on a method for channel owners to get access to these logs.
  4. Logs of activity on our websites are kept, and we may place cookies on your computer to keep track of users on our webchats (either PJIRC, htIRC, or any other web chat system we may employ).
  5. Our web pages may include advertising, to help defray various costs of running this network. These advertisers (Google Adsense (privacy policy)) may place additional cookies on your computer. But chances are, they did so long before you ever came here.