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SurrealServices is the IRC services system we use here at SurrealChat, released under the GPL.

09 Jul 2010
SurrealServices 0.4.3-pre5 released.
[changelog] [download]
14 Apr 2010
SurrealServices 0.4.3-pre4 released.
[changelog] [download]
22 Mar 2010
SurrealServices 0.4.3-pre3 released.
[changelog] [download]
09 Mar 2010 now has IPv6!
16 Jan 2010
SurrealServices 0.4.3-pre2 released.
06 Jan 2010 now has a cross-network Mafia Wars game in #Mafia with players on Rizon & SwiftIRC
20 Jul 2008
SurrealServices 0.4.2 released.
[changelog] [download]
25 June 2008
Today's our birthday, we just turned Five. Time to start preschool and for the parents to plan our college education.
05 May 2008
Anonymous SurrealServices SVN Repository has moved. Again. Back to where it used to be.