Help/Channel basics

How do I register a channel?

Step 1

First, join an empty channel, like this:
 /join #YourChannel

where YourChannel is the channel (room) you want. You can't register a channel that's already taken.

Step 2

In order to own a channel you need a registered nick. If you have not registered your nick yet, type:
 /ns register password email

Wait until you get an email from NickServ, then read it. For more help, see /Registering Nicknames

Step 3

Type this:
 /cs register #YourChannel 

Your channel is now registered.

Should I go and tell everyone about my new channel?

No! This is considered rude and will get you banned from most places. Only tell your friends, privately, or advertise it in #promotion.

How do I change my channel topic?

Your channel topic shows up next to your channel in the channel list, and at the top of the screen. To change it, type:
 /topic #YourChannel This is a topic.

Or, if you're using mIRC or xchat, you can double-click on the text area to bring up a window which allows you to change your topic.

What next?

There are a lot more things you can do with your channel. See /More channel commands

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