Help/Registering Nicknames

Why register?

Registering your nickname prevents others from "stealing" your name, and allows you to hold status in channels.

How do I register a nickname?

You can only register the nickname you are using. If needed, you can change your nickname by typing:
 /nick NicknameYouWant

To register your nickname, type:

 /ns REGISTER password email

Wait until you get an email from SurrealChat IRC Services. Be sure to check your "junk" folder too.

The email will ask you to validate by entering a code. Copy the code and paste it into the chat window.


 /NS EMAILREG NicknameYouWant P8HGN-V6039-P62KU-MSP7R

Congratulations! You just registered a nickname!

How do I identify to my nickname?

Whenever you use your registered nickname, NickServ asks you to identify. Type:
 /ns id NicknameYouWant MyPassword

WARNING: Never type your password in a private message window or in any command besides an /ns command.

How do I register another nick?

If you want more than one nickname, you don't need to validate again to register another. Instead, you can link to your old nickname. Use the same password you used for your first nickname. Type:
 /ns link OldNickname MyPassword

We ask that you drop any nicknames that you don't use anymore. This frees up the nickname for the use of others. Thanks!

How do I drop a nickname?

If have a nick that you don't use any more, you should drop it. (Dropping a linked nick will not affect any other nicks you have.) Type:
 /ns unlink NickToBeDropped Password

How do I drop all my nicknames?

If you don't want ANY of the nicks you have registered, you can drop all of them at once. Type:
 /ns dropgroup MyNick MyPassword

Things to Remember

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