SurrealServices is the IRC services system we use here at SurrealChat. Our goal is to make a complete replacement for programs like Anope and NeoStats. It's still under development at the moment, but feel free to download and try it, or add a feature request. If you want to see it in action, connect to and try it out.



If you get MySQL errors make sure you have all the required software, including the correct Perl version, and check that the sql.conf file is correct.

For SrSv 0.3.x

For SrSv 0.4.x


(Note: Development and historical releases are available at the [Releases] page.)

May 05 2008: Anonymous SurrealServices [SVN Repository] has moved. Again. Back to where it used to be.

May 29 2007: 0.4.2-pre4 released. Changelog, [download]

May 10, 2007: [SVN Repository] moved.

Mar 10 2007 : 0.4.1 released. Changelog, [download]

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