SurrealServices/Old news

March 4, 2007: [SVN Repository] made public. This is a read-only repository.

Jan 8 2007 : 0.4.1-rc3 released. Changelog, [download]

August 1, 2006: released, high severity bugfix. Changelog, [download]

July 31, 2006: released, medium severity bugfix. Changelog, [download]

July 23rd, 2006: 0.4.0 released. New concurrency framework. Changelog, [download]

July 15th, 2006: released. Makes ConnectServ independent of services. Docs updates. Various bugfixes. Changelog, [download]

July 11th, 2006: 0.3.13 released. New LogServ. Various bugfixes. Changelog, [download]

June 25th, 2006: released. Some AKick fixes, Unreal 3.2.5/CLK support, and some other more random stuff. Changelog, [download]

June 17th, 2006: released. Some major changes to how AKicks works, and some other stuff too. Changelog, [download]

May 26, 2006: 0.3.11 released. Minor feature changes is the focus of this release, plus of course bugfixes. Changelog, [download]

May 12, 2006: released. Mostly bugfixes vs Changelog, [download]

April 25, 2006: released. Various features and bugfixes over 0.3.8.x Changelog, [download]

February 05, 2006: released, mostly bugfixes vs previous 0.3.8. Changelog, [download]

December 23, 2005: 0.3.x branch maintenance taken over by tabris; 0.4.0 still under development by saturn

June 29, 2005: New stable version released. This fixes a bug that can cause services to lock up if a channel has mode +I set. Changelog, [download]

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