In #wof, you can play games of WOF (basically the same game you can watch on TV as Wheel of Fortune).

Current status:


While no game is running:

Note that if a new game fails to get 3 players after 10 minutes, the newgame request is ended automatically so as not to raise the possibility of a game's 3 players including one or two that initialized the game several hours prior and that are no longer paying attention.

During the game:


Rounds 1-3 (plus 4 and 5, time willing)

When it's your turn, you can use the following:

Final Spin

Bonus Round

If you come across any bugs, send a /msg to Tails with the details, or put them in an edit to this page:


1.26.23 - 2009/01/14 - changed the numbering schema; added support for the "cash1" rule; cleaned up the players structure to avoid such heavy reliance on bitmasks

26.20 - 2009/01/09 - added support for the steal space (not currently used in the version on display), and moved all timers and trigger strings out to config in preparation for a proper release

26.13 - 2009/01/01 - added the ability to run guesses through filters for variant solves--currently the only one is that " and " is interchangeable with " & "

26.12 - 2008/12/30 - various minor improvements, to include simplifying the selection of multi-option color names, moving MySQL toggling into the config file, and some text string changes (most notably, insertion of commas into dollar values)

26.11 - 2008/12/29 - fixed a regex injection bug that allowed trivial solving of supplemental puzzles (as well as more malicious exploits), and improved the flexibility of supplements

26.10 - 2008/12/24 - added support for older styles of tiebreaker, and put tiebreaker-related strings into the config file as the last remaining part of the game that needed to be themable

26.08 - 2008/12/21 - after observing a good number of players miss tossup solves, then attempt to solve again and be clueless as to why their solve didn't go through, the game will now deliver a message to such players explaining that they've been locked out by virtue of the incorrect guess


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